In-house group classes. Free to members.

Our in-house classes are run by our very own fully qualified instructors. They are varied, fun and a great way to keep you on your toes. Suitable for both men and women of any age and fitness level.

Body Blitz:- is a class designed to give you an all over full body toning and aerobic experience. The class is set to cater for all fitness levels, easier and harder alternatives will be given to every exercise whilst attaining the added motivation that group exercise creates. Duration 45-55 minutes.

B-Pump :- is a low weight with high repetition barbell class that is great for fat burning, strength gaining and conditioning. It’s great for general fitness and toning and shaping your muscles. Great for ladies gents of all ages and abilities. Duration 30-45 minutes.

Bootcamp:- is full of functional movements at higher intensity than general circuit classes. With the aid of kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and dumbbells. It is designed in such a way the exercises change frequently from session to session testing you both physically and mentally. Duration 30-50 minutes.

Boxercise :- is an all round fitness workout, involving boxing skills, drills and conditioning. Whether your goal is to loose weight, tone up or simply have fun then there is something for you, Boxercise follows the methods employed in boxing as closely as possible whilst ensuring the maximum amount of safety. Duration 40-50 minutes.

Circuits:- is a medium to high intensity aerobic class with a point to point routine set out in the studio with a pre-set time/rep range for each station, using a mixture of free weights and body weight exercises. It is a great way to get the heart pumping and toning up the body. Duration 35-50 minutes.

Kettlebells:- have been used consistently over centuries by the Russian military, it has reinvented itself as the trendiest new fitness tool. A kettlebell class is a high intensity class that will supercharge your fitness and melt your unwanted fat. You can bust your belly fat, lose your love handles and feel fantastic, energised and stronger too. Duration 30-45 minutes

Legs Tums and Bums:- is a class designed for just those body parts. Focusing on these areas rather than an all over body circuit can have a dramatic effect. By doing this you can add a lot more intensity to your session and in return get better/quicker results. This is a low impact class and is suitable for anyone. Duration 45 minutes.

Spin Cycle Class:- is a popular form of indoor cycling which is a medium to high intensity training class for fitness and endurance. It’s a fantastic way to burn fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. Duration 45 minutes.

Step & Tone: – Is a fun all all over body class,working arms, back,legs, bums and an ab blast workout at the end. of the session. Step & Tone classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. We can adjust the steps to different whether beginner or advanced everyone can benefit. The class is also a great way to burn ample calories. Duration time is 40-50 minutes.