La Tragna Dance Academy

Meland Lauren

La Tragna Dance Academy run and host all of their dance classes at our dance studio.

Melanie LaTragna and Lauren run Ballet, Tap, Contemporary,Musical Theatre and singing classes for boys and girls from the age of 4 upwards.


A little about Melanie:

Dance has been the mainstay of Melanie’s life since she was barely a toddler. Melanie started ballet at the age of three in Newmarket where her family was living. When Melanie was 7 years old her parents moved to North Devon and she became a student of North Devon dance legend Esme Preston, taking her classes both in Ilfracombe and Barnstaple, in ballet, modern, musical, tap and, for a few years, acrobatics. Her determination and obvious talent earned her one of just six places out of 600 applicants to the Royal Ballet School. At the age of 16, she packed her bags and left the rural idyll of North Devon for the fiercely competitive world of dance in London. After an intensive grounding in ballet, she went on to study jazz with Arlene Phillips, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, which was a great experience and widened her appeal at auditions. She then put in some hard graft at shows around the country, clocking up the necessary hours to get her Equity card, before working on cruise liners and then at Maxims in Geneva. A further career move saw her help to teach fitness to the Swiss Olympic overland skiing team at the same time as running her own ballet, jazz and fitness studio She then taught dance and fitness in schools in Germany before returning home to Ilfracombe. She has taken numerous pupils through their grades and major exams with the United Kingdom Alliance, providing them with a 100 per cent pass rate every time, with many students gaining the top mark of distinction.